Key figures

30 +

years of culinary excellence

Crafting exceptional dining experiences with a legacy of culinary mastery since 1991.

ISO 22000:2018


Ensuring world-class food safety measures, delivering excellence with each dish.

60,000 +

meals served every day

Serving diverse palate with a fusion of quality flavours and unmatched satisfaction.

Serving multi-cuisine, nutritious food responsibly.

Since 2017, we have evolved from a local contract food services to a Pan India force in culinary innovation and sustainability. 

We pride ourselves as socially responsible food services, serving delectable, wholesome meals that offer unique and unforgettable dining experiences with every plate.

Food India decorative image

The Elior foodprint

Every day, we proudly serve 60,000+ meals, sustainably packed and delivered in e-vehicles, thereby reducing our carbon footprint

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We serve happiness to your plate across India

Whether you’re seeking top-notch food services, customized banquet services, the best beverage in the country, innovative digital cafeteria solutions, or a taste of our diverse brands, Elior India is your go-to partner. Let’s redefine dining experiences together.