Jr. Sous-chef

Every culinary dream begins with a passionate soul, and mine ignited a journey toward becoming a chef. Graduating from WGSHA, Manipal University, and honing my skills at the prestigious TAJ Group of Hotels, I embarked on my professional journey with Elior in 2019. As a Junior Sous Chef for LinkedIn, I’ve seen my career soar, continually refining my craft and growing personally and professionally.

At LinkedIn, crafting pre-plated dishes has been a highlight, allowing me to curate culinary delights tailored to our clients’ preferences. The gratifying feedback fuels our creativity, inspiring us to craft new experiences with every dish served.


Aasha Shelke
Commis II

I’m Aasha Shelke, proudly serving with Elior India Food Services for six enriching years. Elior’s commitment to excellence stands out, reflecting in our supportive work culture and unwavering guidance from the leaders. 

In Elior, I’ve found not just a workplace but a family, where mutual respect and support are the pillars of our success. The culture of encouragement and collaboration fosters a sense of belonging, driving us to excel in our roles every day. The company’s commitment to employee welfare and professional development, I feel motivated to strive for excellence every day.With Elior, I envision a long, fulfilling journey ahead, contributing to its continued success and prosperity.


Chef Arun Kumar
General Manager – F&B Production

My journey with Elior, spanning over a decade, has been a testament to the transformative power of Elior’s dedication, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Joining in 2009, Elior has been my canvas for professional growth, leadership development, and groundbreaking accomplishments. As an Executive Chef, I not only honed my culinary skills but also delved into event planning, client management, and the intricacies of administrative and analytical functions. Throughout the journey, I was given the right opportunities at the right time, which led to some instrumental contributions in establishing a robust food flow system, enhancing both quality and profitability. Our post-COVID journey saw a significant scaling up of our operations, exemplifying Elior’s resilience and adaptability. I’m honored to serve as the General Manager of Production for India, steering our culinary endeavors to new heights.

chef dipu

Chef Dipu Thomas
General Manager – F&B Production

Seventeen years into my remarkable journey with Elior, the canvas of my experience is filled with learning, dedication, and a passion for culinary excellence. From my early days as Chef InCharge to my current role as General Manager of Production, Elior has been a profound teacher, shaping me into a professional and a person of integrity. The invaluable guidance from esteemed chefs has been instrumental in my growth, with the enduring advice to “work from the heart” shaping both my personal and professional ethos. Elior’s commitment to equal opportunity in the workplace aligns seamlessly with my values, making the transition from Megabite to Elior an organic and enriching experience. As I continue this culinary journey, I remain steadfast in my commitment to excellence, embracing each day as a new opportunity to explore and innovate.


Chandrasekharappa Gorobal
General Manager, Operations

In his seventeen year tenure at Elior and as one of the first joiners at Megabite, Chandrasekharappa , CS as he is popularly known , has been the epitome of dedication, resilience, and leadership. His journey from Banquet Supervisor to General Manager, Operations reflects not only his personal growth but also Elior’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering professional development.

His profound understanding of flexibility in banquet operations, combined with his passion for hospitality, has enabled him to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional results. As an integral part of the Elior family, CS embodies our core values of integrity, excellence, and hospitality. We are proud to have CS leading Elior India’s exquisite banqueting brand, Gourmet Company operations, and we look forward to his continued contributions in shaping the future of Elior.


Manager – HR

My journey with Elior has been nothing short of fulfilling adventure, marked by professional growth, learning, and a deep sense of satisfaction. Joining as an Assistant Manager HR in 2015, I have witnessed Elior’s commitment to providing opportunities for employee growth at all levels. The organization’s unwavering support in everything, from facilities like food and accommodation to medical insurance, showcases its dedication to employee well-being. I take pride in expressing my satisfaction with my tenure being a part of this amazing company, and I look forward to continuing my contributions to the organization’s success.


Faraz Ahamed
F&B Service – Deputy General Manager

Almost a decade into my journey with Elior, I reflect on an adventure filled with joy, challenges, and remarkable growth. Beginning as a Site Manager and progressing to the role of Deputy General Manager signifies the company’s keen effort to recognize discipline and unwavering determination. Elior’s management, a pillar of support, has encouraged me to overcome hurdles, creating a positive impact not just in my work but in the lives of those around me. Their distinct approaches have shaped my understanding of Elior’s work culture, making every day a learning opportunity. As I navigate my role, their dedication and support have been the backbone of my Elior experience, a testament to the strength we derive from our collective efforts.


Shambu Chaudhury
Senior Executive – Finance

Embarking on a professional adventure with Elior has been a transformative experience. In the heart of this dynamic organization, I’ve witnessed an unwavering commitment to excellence, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. The support and mentorship I’ve received from the company has played a crucial role in my professional success, making this journey truly enriching. Contributing to Elior’s legacy of delivering outstanding food services fills me with immense pride, and I am committed to upholding these standards of excellence throughout my career. All thanks to my Elior India family.


Parthasarathy Vellikuchi
KST Manager

My journey with Elior began in 2007. It certainly was the start of an exciting chapter in my professional life. Elevated from KST Supervisor to KST Manager, Elior has been a platform for continuous learning, growth, and a bond lasting relationships. Elior, as an organization, has been instrumental in developing my knowledge and providing a supportive environment for my growth. I wake up everyday, enthusiastic and happy to contribute my complete cooperation and support to propel the company forward. The happiness and opportunities Elior has brought into my life is unmatched & I couldn’t be prouder to belong with the Elior Family.