Resident dining

We provide meals for students living on campus.

Retail dining

We operate cafes and restaurants on campus.

Catering for special events

We cater for a variety of special events, such as sporting events, graduations, and conferences.

Culinary Excellence for Educational Institutions

Stepping into India’s vibrant education landscape, Elior India, the largest catering colossus and a market leader in gourmet corporate food services, is proud to extend our expertise to educational institutions. We’re infusing the cafes with zest and zeal, enriching the student experience one delicious, nourishing meal at a time.

Gourmet Canteen is more than just a catering company; we’re your partners in crafting an exceptional dining experience that goes beyond what is expected. Our expertise lies in delivering curated cuisine and unmatched service specifically designed for educational institutions, from elementary schools to universities.

gourmet canteen

A Dedication to Culinary Excellence

Quality, innovation, sustainability, communication, and customer satisfaction—these are the pillars of our commitment. We use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, constantly innovate our menu offerings, minimize our environmental impact, communicate openly with our clients, and strive to exceed expectations.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Cultivating a greener tomorrow, one meal at a time.

Freshness from Farm to Table

Sustainability takes center stage in our menus, featuring a rich array of locally sourced ingredients—from seasonal produce to dairy, meats, poultry, bakery goods, and beyond.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

We prioritize sourcing ingredients from local farms and suppliers, fostering relationships with our community, and ensuring the freshest produce possible.

Sustainable Purchasing

We actively seek out sustainable purchasing opportunities, including fair trade products and minority-owned vendors.

Food Waste Reduction

We implement strategies to minimize food waste, contributing to cost savings, hunger alleviation, and environmental protection.

Creating Positive Dining Experiences for Success

We believe that a nutritious and delicious meal can make a world of difference in a student’s day. That’s why we offer a variety of healthy and fresh options, including:


Seasonal Harvest

A vibrant culinary experience featuring fresh, seasonal, plant-based foods for a healthier campus lifestyle.

Street Foods

Globally inspired street food concepts, bringing food truck culture with fresh ingredients to your plate.

Beverage Station

A diverse selection of beverages, including fresh juices, milk, soda, coffee, tea, and water at our Beverage Station.

Smoothie Bar

Health-conscious smoothies crafted from blended raw fruits or vegetables paired with nutritious ingredients.


Experience allergen-conscious menus, Aladdin, a dedicated station with meals tailored for individuals with food allergies.

Sweet Shop

We present an extensive array of sweets, featuring made-from-scratch cookies, bars, pies, and cakes for the sweet tooth.

Our wellness approach for shaping healthier habits

We shape the dining environment to make the healthy choice the easy choice. 

Nutrition-Focused Menu

We prioritize the health and well-being of your campus community by offering nutritious and balanced meal options, emphasizing the “healthy choice” as the default option.

Mindful Ingredient Selection

We carefully select ingredients, minimizing trans fats, using minimally processed fats, and paying close attention to sodium content and portion sizes.

Cultivating a Healthy Dining Atmosphere

We foster a dining environment that champions healthy choices by offering clear nutritional information and ensuring accessibility to a variety of wholesome options.

Empowerment Through Informed Eating

Our commitment to transparency includes providing detailed nutritional information and empowering our community to make informed and health-conscious choices effortlessly.