Crafted by Chai Artisans

Chai Ka Chaska blends are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, capturing the essence of the revered chai wallahs to deliver a personalized and authentic chai experience.

A Symphony of Indian Spices

Immerse yourself in a world of flavors as Chai Ka Chaska celebrates the diverse tapestry of Indian spices like mint, ginger, lemon, etc.. offering a unique blend for every palate.

Cultural Fusion

Chai Ka Chaska seamlessly blends the cultural variations of tea-making from different regions, creating a harmonious fusion that resonates with tea lovers.

Crafting a Tea Experience Beyond Compare

Chai Ka Chaska is more than a brand; it’s an invitation to embark on a sensory adventure with every sip. We take pride in delivering an authentic chai experience, infusing every cup with the warmth and charm that define the true spirit of Indian tea culture.

Chai Ka Chaska - A Decades-Long Culinary Odyssey with Elior India

Elior India, which has been a cornerstone of culinary excellence for over thirty years, is introducing Chai Ka Chaska, a seamless blend of our culinary finesse with the art of chai-making. Each cup is an invitation to join us on our journey, transforming mundane tea breaks into indulgent moments. Beyond chai, it’s a collaborative effort to redefine taste and set new hospitality standards, one aromatic infusion at a time.

Continuous innovation for an extraordinary client experience.

Fueling diverse workforces with the global flavours  

Personalized Blends

Chai Ka Chaska offers a range of personalized chai blends, catering to individual tastes and preferences for a truly bespoke tea experience.


Quality Ingredients

Chai Ka Chaska offers premium tea leaves and spices sourced meticulously to ensure each cup is a celebration of quality and flavor.

Cultural Diversity

Explore the diverse tea cultures of India with Chai Ka Chaska, from the bold masala chai of the North to the nuanced flavors of tulsi-infused teas in the South.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our chai blends are a result of expert craftsmanship, inspired by the timeless techniques of chai wallahs, ensuring a consistently delightful experience.

On the table, for you


Artisanal Expertise

Transform office breaks with personalized chai blends crafted by skilled chai wallahs, turning your workplace into a hub of authentic flavor.

Symphony of Spice Blends

Experience a rich tapestry of Indian spices in every cup, from robust masala chai to delicate tulsi-infused teas, bringing a harmonious dance to your taste buds.

Regional Tea Culture Exploration

Traverse India’s diverse tea cultures without leaving your office, savoring the floral notes of Darjeeling and the condensed vibrancy of Mumbai’s cutting chai.

Legacy and Rituals

Connect with the intimate art of tea making, as our offerings carry heirloom recipes and time-honored rituals, adding a touch of legacy to your daily tea ritual.

Personalized Touch

Celebrate diversity with customized tea brewing, ensuring each cup is a unique manifestation of cultural richness and individual preferences.

Evolution of Tradition

Witness the evolving symphony of tea making in India, as our offerings capture tradition while adapting and inviting you on a sensory adventure with every sip.