Effortless food ordering

Simplify your workspace dining experience with El Chef's customizable & intuitive app and kiosk options.

Secure payments

Enjoy secure payment options on our self-help kiosks or order directly at the cashier-assisted cafeteria for added convenience.

Real-time notifications

Reduce wait time with live ETA notifications that calculate prep and delivery times based on the current queue length.

Elevating cafeteria management with digital efficiency

El Chef revolutionizes cafeteria management by providing a suite of dynamic reports and intuitive dashboards, to enhance operational efficiency and decision-making. With real-time insights into sales trends, customer preferences, and inventory levels, cafeteria managers can optimize menus, reduce waste, and ensure a seamless dining experience. Our application offers a user-friendly admin dashboard for effortless tracking of everything from settlement reports to top-selling item reports. Experience the future of cafeteria management with El Chef’s digital efficiency.

A truly unparalleled digital experience

Experience unparalleled convenience with El Chef, designed for utmost efficiency and employee satisfaction.

3 seconds App launch time

Swift and hassle-free ordering experience.

~700 ms (±500 ms) Real-time report latency

Instant and accurate insights for proactive cafeteria management.

0.3 seconds Order notification latency

Rapid order notifications to ensure timely and efficient food service.

3 steps to order a previously ordered item

Effortless reordering to enjoy your favorite meals again and again.

Food ordering customized to your needs!

Transparent health info.

Get nutritional information like food allergen and calorie counts right under each menu.

Pre-ordering feature

Our pre-ordering feature helps you pre-order meals for any date and time. 

Real-time preparation & delivery updates

Reduce wait time with real-time ETA notifications in app and via SMS.

Workstation delivery available

Hassle-free delivery to your specified location within the office.

Re-ordering feature

Reorder your favourite meals from the previous orders, right from the home screen.

Self-help Kiosks

Place orders without the app at our kiosks and make secure cashless payments.

Feedback and Rating options

Offer feedback & rate the food as soon as the order is complete. User feedback can also be given through the previous orders list.

Cancel and Refund tracking

Cancel orders within 1-3 minutes and get the refund duration on the order details screen. A reference number is mailed to live track the refund. 

Specialized Banquet menus

Seamless integration with meeting rooms for meeting and in-house gatherings, offering pre-defined menus for users to conveniently choose from.

Delight your people with food the smart way.

Elevate your workplace dining experience with El Chef’s intelligent solutions. Seamlessly monitor performance and make data-driven decisions to enhance employee satisfaction.

  • Real-time tracking & reports
  • Exclusive admin portal access
  • Comprehensive reporting

Key reports for Data driven menu planning & improvement.

Sales Report

Evaluate financial performance with detailed sales insights.

Meals Consumption Report

Understand meal consumption patterns for strategic planning.

Feedback Report

Gain valuable insights from user feedback for continuous improvement.

Order Menu Report

Track popular items to optimize your menu offerings.

User Menu Report

Understand user preferences to tailor your culinary offerings.

Customer Details

Access customer information for personalized engagement.