Hand-Crafted Varieties

Immerse yourself in a selection of handpicked blends, each crafted to perfection, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.


Authentic Sourcing

Proudly sourcing directly from the serene estates of South India, we ensure that every bean carries the authentic essence of its origin.

Brewing Mastery

At the Coffee Commission, brewing is an art form. Each cup is a masterpiece, capturing the true essence of our carefully selected blends.

More Than Just Coffee, It's an Experience in Every Cup

At The Coffee Commission, we transcend the ordinary, turning every coffee break into a sensory escape. This is not merely a coffeehouse; it’s a sanctuary for those who appreciate the artistry of a perfectly brewed cup. Our commitment to redefining the coffee experience begins with the careful selection of blends, authentically sourced from the serene estates of South India.

Elevating Culinary Excellence and Enriching Moments

Elior India, a leader in culinary and hospitality for three decades, passionately dedicates itself to enriching moments. Elior seamlessly combines culinary expertise with artisanal coffee, transforming breaks into indulgent memories. Beyond coffee, it’s a shared journey of crafting unforgettable moments and redefining taste and hospitality standards, one cup at a time.

Tasting Perfection in Every Sip

Region specific blends

The Coffee Commission boasts region specific blends, each sourced directly from the coffee heartlands of India, for a truly distinctive taste.

Hand-crafted variety

Immerse yourself in a range of hand-crafted blends, carefully curated to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of coffee connoisseurs.

Transparent Processes

From sourcing to processing, The Coffee Commission prioritizes transparency, providing customers with clear insights into the journey of their coffee beans from farm to cup.

Bespoke Experience

Beyond exceptional brews, The Coffee Commission offers a bespoke experience, inviting patrons to relish and savor the moment.

Positive Impact Commitment

Our holistic sustainability plan to create a positive impact across our entire value chain:

Empowering Communities

Ensuring fair practices and direct sourcing to positively impact the communities involved in the coffee supply chain.

Sustainable Farming

We are dedicated to preserving sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, the natural beauty of the regions where our coffee is sourced.

Ethical Sourcing

Upholding principles of ethical sourcing, contributing to the betterment of the global coffee industry.

Environmental Conservation

Implementing measures to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of sourcing regions.