A dedicated team of culinary artisans crafting your world-class experience.


Turning events into memorable chapters with each bite a delightful revelation.


Serving an immersive culinary experience, from all over the country.

Indulge in the real Gourmet experience

The Gourmet Company, a distinguished member of the Elior India, stands as a culinary beacon, illuminating the landscape of banqueting services. With over 10 years of experience and the unwavering commitment of the Elior India, The Gourmet Company is synonymous with crafting exceptional dining experiences. 

We go beyond the ordinary. Our culinary mastery extends to customizable theme-based menus, global fusion cuisines, unique chef’s table experiences, and impeccable service, ensuring every event is a masterpiece. From designing bespoke menus to delivering a flawless dining experience, we redefine event excellence with culinary innovation, creating cherished memories that linger on the palate and in the heart. Join us in transforming events into extraordinary moments.


Craft your culinary journey, make your own menu

Step into a world where you have the creative freedom to design your own menu, reflecting your vision and delighting your guests. Our expert chefs and event planers collaborate with you to transform your preferences into extraordinary dining experiences, whether through themed menus, dietary accommodations, or international cuizines. 

Elevate your event with bespoke culinary creations tailored to match your distinct taste and preferences. Join us in shaping a memorable dining experience that complements your event’s theme and creates lasting impressions. Make each event a canvas of taste and sophistication.

Business Functions

business fonction

Impress clients & bring your team together with extraordinary Gourmet experiences.

  • Breakfast Meets
  • Luncheons
  • Company Trainings
  • Company Meetings
  • Business Meetings
  • Client Visits
  • Thematic High Teas

Social Events


Celebrate every occasion in grandeur with customized themes, global menus, and a live Chef’s Theatre experience.

  • Engagement
  • Sangeeth
  • Mehendi
  • Reception
  • Intimate Wedding

Social Parties


Infuse your celebrations with our special touch. Featuring seasonal menus that capture the essence of your occasion.

  • Holiday
  • Birthday
  • Celebration
  • Festivals
  • Circulating Appetizers

Corporate Functions


Celebrate milestones and foster connections with our banquet expertise.

  • Family day
  • Annual day

Curating tastes & memories that last a lifetime.

Experience an exceptional banquet service that transforms events into culinary celebration.

customizable multi cuisine menu

Customizable Theme-Based Menus and Concepts

Designing every detail for an immersive & unforgettable dining atmosphere that matches your desires.


Fusion of Indian & global cuisines

Bringing authentic flavors from around the country and across the world to create a tantalizing feast for your senses.


Unique Chef’s table experience

Where culinary magic happens live, offering an intimate and exclusive dining experience.


Impeccable service

It is not just a promise; it's a commitment to turning every event into a memorable experience.