We are passionate not only of food but the community as well.

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We care

We created our CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy, the Elior Group Positive FoodPrint Plan, to generate a positive Foodprint, from farm to fork, working with our suppliers, clients, guests and employees. It was built around four main commitments, covering the whole of our value chain, from how we sustainably source our ingredients, to the innovative, healthy choices that we provide our guests, and from how we minimize food waste to how we help our people fulfill their potential. 

Healthy choices

Help our guests to achieve good health through providing healthy choices and raising awareness.

We have a big opportunity to help our guests to enjoy food that is not only tasty, but is also good for them. We are working hard to create menus which satisfy both these criteria. With a growing interest in and awareness of the importance of healthy food as part of a healthy lifestyle, our choice of balanced menus will be one of the reasons that our clients and guests continue to choose us.

healthy choices

Sustainable ingredients

Through better procurement, increase the sustainability of our ingredients.

The way ingredients are grown and produced have major environmental and social impacts. We want these impacts to be as positive as possible. We are therefore working on the 10 ingredients where we can have the biggest positive impact through sustainable sourcing and developing appropriate standards. By ingredients, we mean product categories, for example addressing animal welfare in the cattle industry, develop responsible fishing or reducing pesticide use. We will work in partnership with our suppliers to help them meet these criteria. 

Sustainable ingredients

A circular model

Innovate and collaborate to reduce food waste and other waste through our value chain, working towards a circular model.

Food waste is not only a waste of precious natural resources, it also contributes to climate change if it goes to landfill. We will find innovative ways to both cut food waste and then to divert any remaining waste away from landfill, creating partnerships to close the loop.

menu management

Thriving people and communities

Create and promote local jobs which are inclusive and help people to fulfill their potential.

We are proud of the diversity and talent of our people. We want all our people to be able to maximise their potential, and are therefore committed to their development, whatever level they start at in the company. We will reward the work and commitment of our people with appropriate advancement, benefitting not only the individual and their community but the company as a whole. We are working in a sector that can act as a vector for social integration. We have the opportunity to give possibility to our employees to develop their skills. We also want to enhance the image and reputation of the catering profession.

Thriving people and communities