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A fine blend of leading brands in the food services industry

The journey of Elior India with CRCL.

Steve Jobs once quoted, “If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together.”

CRCL started its journey in the year 1983 with an industrial catering contract and this was the first milestone in their journey into the hearts and minds of thousands. Over the past 3 decades, CRCL has become an inspiration to many and their success is a result of sheer hard work combined with humility and a personal connect with their clientele. They gained recognition for their wholesome, nutritious and tasty food and they soon achieved their next big milestone of Rs.150 Crores turnover, an achievement which was made possible by the combined might of their loyal client base as well as their dedicated employees.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, CRCL wanted to go farther, cross borders and bring world food experiences to their clientele. Towards this objective, CRCL partnered with Elior India in the year 2016. Together, Elior India and CRCL believe that food can bring hearts closer and make relationships sweeter. This amalgamation is a perfect blend of fine taste and soul satisfying food, making every mealtime memorable.

At CRCL, we pride ourselves on:

  • Three decades of best-in-class service
  • Uncompromised quality ensuring a record 95% client retention rate
  • Thousands of trained professionals serving 1,00,000 freshly prepared meals every day


CRCL services various segments including:

  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Healthcare