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Experience Multifaceted Employee Lifecycle

Work-life balance, recognition and community bonding are the pillars of our framework! We focus on building employee aspiration for achieving organization objectives.


During the past several years, the concept of rewards and recognition has progressed considerably. HR leaders have practiced and experienced the power of leveraging multiple factors in rewards management to attract, inspire and retain talent. We, at Elior India understand that our rewards and recognition programs empower us to engage talent in a better way. We, as a company, deliver a six-pillar approach that identifies the ecosystem and includes business vision, HR strategy, culture and employee focus where R&R operates. It offers a framework to view R&R from the multiple dimensions of the employee life cycle within our organization.

The most effective motivators at our workplace are:

Work-Life balance: A concept that actively supports efforts to help employees achieve success at both work and home and enhance quality of life.
Overall Benefits: This refers to other motivating benefits such as tax-friendly benefits, health policy, life insurance policy, paid vacations and leaves, and customized benefits.
Performance: It is about managing delivery of work and establishing expectations, assessment, feedback and continuous improvement towards accomplishment of business objectives and organizational success, rewarding milestones during the journey.
Recognition: It always has a greater impact on our workplace and these recognition activities reinforce the values that Elior India promotes among all its stakeholders.
Rewarding: It is an important aspect for employee engagement as it helps in building employee aspiration for achieving organization objectives. It also boosts employee morale and the feeling of team spirit.
Community Bonding: One of the greatest pillars of our framework that focuses on bringing in a feeling of community or family amongst employees through various initiatives through our incentive management program, encouraging internal social interaction and celebrations. The end result is to enhance team spirit.

Employee Engagement
Festival Celebration
1 of 8 Festival Celebration
Employee Engagement
Women's Day Celebration
2 of 8 Women's Day Celebration
Employee Engagement
Birthday Celebration
3 of 8 Birthday Celebration
Employee Engagement
Employee Townhall
4 of 8 Employee Townhall
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QHSE Briefing
5 of 8 QHSE Briefing
Employee Engagement
Team Get Together
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Employee Engagement
Rewards & Recognition Meet
7 of 8 Rewards & Recognition Meet
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Safety Day Awareness Programme
8 of 8 Safety Day Awareness Program
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