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Manager- Communication & PR

Location: Bangalore

Experience: Minimum 6+ years

Candidate should be experienced in:

  • Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Be proactive, reliable, responsible and accurate with an attention to detail
  • Possess the ability to keep information confidential
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Required to carry out general marketing responsibilities including website and social media management
  • Internal & external communication
  • Help in designing and reviewing a variety of promotional and marketing materials including content creation.
  • Plan and execute Events, Programs and Initiatives
  • Have a full understanding of media needs and media relationships
  • Tactical understanding of all social media platforms
  • Monitor corporate image and ensure compliance with brand guidelines



  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations or Journalism
  • Two to three years’ experience in marketing, events promotion and PR, either in-house or in an agency, is a minimum requirement
  • A proven track record of successful Communications & PR campaigns. Total experience of 6+ yrs

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Manager- FP & A

Location: Bangalore

Experience: Minimum 9 to 10 years

Candidate should be experienced in:

  • Development of Reporting Pack for Business plan/Budget/Forecast to ensure the requirement of Group reporting.

  • Working with units and departments for consolidated India business plan to submit to group with associated reports on revenue and trend analysis, unit and site level SOP reporting.

  • Working on budget submission for India to group.

  • Submission of consolidated quarterly forecast based on the actual performance and results of India units.

  • Monthly Rolling Forecast.

  • Variance analysis in respect of actual vs plans / budgets on volume, sales, COGS, operating expenses/margin and unit level SG&A to report to Group.

  • MIS for all entities

  • Projected and actual Cash Flow Statement.

  • Ratio analysis.

  • Customer's Profitability Reporting.

  • Analysis of AR/AP ageing with DSO and DPO to report to Group.

  • Finance business partner for support functions in HO.

  •  Finance business partner for Project Phoenix.

  • Adhoc FP&A reporting for Group/India management and automation of report to support Group submission.

  • Working and evaluation of projected performance of potential customers to ensure the achievement of minimum SOP level as per the approval of the management.

  • To work out NPV and payback period in respect of the investment in client site.

  • Suggesting the alternatives to achieve desired level of margin in respect of the clients with the use of different business model (Cost plus, Target Price, reduced pricing with reimbursement, Management fee, Hybrid approach).

  • Assessing the actual performance v/s projected PnL.

  • Development and periodic review of policy on contract management.

  • Ensuring to incorporate the key information in respect of pricing, labour, and other cost in agreement, basis on which the proposal of the client has been assessed with desired level of SOP.

  • Capex reporting to Group to get approval in respect of investment in new client site.

  • Keeping the track of actual spend v/s budget.

  • Working on financials to ensure timely submission to Group which includes Financial Performance Pack and Balance Sheet reporting in BFC Module for India entities.

  • Monthly group review presentation.

  • Presentation on business plan/budget/forecast.




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