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El Chef, the exciting new offering from Elior, is a cafeteria digitization solution that uses cutting-edge technology to simplify the overall food ordering process, giving you more time to enjoy your culinary experience. With a Smart Search function to perform pattern analysis, we deliver meals that are tailored to every individual's palate, complete with a clearly marked calorie count!

With options for pre-booking or workstation delivery, the platform enables organizations to implement social distancing norms for a contactless food service experience that meets the highest food safety standards in the industry!

4 tier social distancing features

  • Cafe Flow with staggered entry approach
  • Real-time Live Crowd Reporting for Admin Management
  • Real-time Queue Management
  • Workstation Delivery

User advantage

  • Pre-order your nutritious food
  • Pay cashlessly
  • Easy ordering with Smart search
  • Clearly market Calorie count
  • Menu items with user rating
  • Instant consumer feedback
  • Feedback Actions & Notifications to User
  • Live Tracking of Refund
  • Repeat Orders

Administrator advantage

  • Admin Dashboards for tracking
  • Real-Time F&B User Reporting
  • Real-Time Taxes & Settlement Report
  • Top or Low Selling Item-based Reports
  • Feedback Actions & Notifications to vendors
  • Minimal IT intervention

Vendor advantage

  • El Chef Multi-Vendor Platform
  • Vendor Dashboards for tracking
  • Running Promotions and offers

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