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Weekend Healthy Meal Recipe Ideas - Elior India

Weekend Healthy Meal Recipe Ideas - Elior India

Struggling to think of innovative recipes for the weekend? Let Chef Savio Sabino Fernandes, Executive Sous Chef, Elior India help you with these delicious recipes that are easy to make and high on nutrition and taste.


Panco crumbled

Serves: 1
3 Nos Broccoli Stems
30 Gms Panko Crumbs
20 Gms Parmesan
1 Nos Lemon
10 Ml Extra Virgin Olive oil
10 Gms Pepper crush
10 Gms Salt

1. Clean and trim the steams of broccoli, slice into thin pieces.
2. Marinate with salt, pepper, lime, crumbs and set aside.

For Marinated Parmesan Crumble
3. Marinate a block of parmesan with lime rind, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
4. Keep for 10 days in cold temperature.

For Plating
5. Pan fry the crumbed broccoli hearts and top them up with the crumbled marinated parmesan.


Organic Hemp Kale Asparagus Salad

Serves: 1
30 Gms Organic Hemp Seeds
80 Gms Asparagus Spears
120 Gms Kale
1 Nos Red Radish
10 Ml Lemon Juice
10 Gms Salt
10 Gms Pepper
10 Ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Clean and trim the kale leaves and asparagus spears.
2. Mix kale, blanched asparagus and sliced red radish.

For Dressing
3. In a bowl, add olive oil salt and pepper. Whisk in lemon juice drop by drop.

For Plating
4. Mix all the top ingredients with the dressing Sprinkle organic Hemp seeds and serve.


Pan-Seared Thigh of Chicken With Charred Mushrooms and Barley Pilaf

Serves: 1
1 no Chicken Thigh Preferably with Skin
20-30 gms Salt
20-30 gms Pepper Crush
1 no Lemon
10 gms Fresh Thyme
100 gms Barley
40 gms Broccoli
4-5 no Mushroom
10 ml Extra Virgin Olive oil
10 gms Cherry Tomatoes

1. Marinate chicken leg with salt, pepper, thyme and lemon.
2. Pan sear with extra virgin olive oil.

For Barley Pilaf
3. Soak barley for 1 hour and boil in chicken stock.
4. Add broccoli, cherry tomatoes and add salt and pepper.

For Charred Mushrooms
5. Season and char the button mushrooms on the griller.

The article was published on india.com on July 26th2019