Creating healthy menu choices that bring pure moments of fun and relaxation for your students and staff while making it as a pride for your institution.

Elior India offers innovative, healthy, and affordable catering solutions, from farm to fork, to meet the needs of students from schools to higher education. We create concepts to convince students and help them appreciate the meal breaks while fostering healthy eating habits. Our education institutes clients include Canadian International School, VIT – all branches and IIM Kozhikode.


When food becomes magical

Sautéing healthy food for Generation Y

College and University dining halls reinforce meaningful mealtime memories. That’s why Elior India creates an interactive, memorable mealtime experience for students and staff, who are away from home for a longer duration. 

We design a range of menus that match the diverse student population. Our services range from a full meal service in large heavily used dining halls to small informal zones where students and staff can relax and enjoy a coffee and light snack. Elior India provides delicious and healthy meals from breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner that are exceptional in taste, value, and affordability.

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