Special Flavors

Special Flavours

What makes us unique

Chef-led Model

Creating memorable culinary experience is never an easy task. And our chefs play a crucial role in helping us innovate through a chef-led-model, offering you in-depth personalization.  You needn’t email us if one of our dish has not met your expectations, rather talk to our chiefs. Our chefs can make quick decisions to give you the experience you anticipate. That’s why we are here for you!

With an impressive clientele such as, we have set the bar high.

Chef led Model

Menu Management

We keep food fatigue at bay! With our choice of regional menus and diverse cuisines, food fatigue is something we consciously tackle at all times. We carefully craft diverse menus that take employee preferences into account. We also have calorie count indicators to keep your intake in check!

Menu Management

Hygiene and Safety Standards

For a lip-smacking dish and the final aesthetic plating process to be successful, Health and Safety Standards is a priority.

We value your well-being. Therefore, we never compromise. With our ISO:9000, ISO:22000 certifications and a strict FIFO process, there’s never a chance taken.

health is vital

Food as Employee Value Proposition

When your employees spend quality time at the office – almost building a home away from home, we believe, the food plays a crucial role. With the help of a well-planned and executed meal plan, food becomes a significant factor in attracting and retaining talents. Simultaneously, we cater to the different interests of your employees who come from various states yet keeping an eye on dietary needs. Every dish from Elior India is spiced up though the extraordinary touch of our chefs, giving catered food a different twist.  Employee happiness creates a great place to work and at Elior India, we call this as Employee Value Proposition.

Employee Value Proposition Food
Pasta Multicusine

Operational efficiencies

  • World-class hygiene standard

  • Locally sourced  ingredients

  • Best-in-class kitchen equipment

  • Large variety of multi-cuisine options

Best Practices

Group’s Best Practices

  • Ensure the health and safety of our people

  • Develop the skills of our people to encourage internal promotion

  • Stand against discrimination

  • Contribute to developing local communities

theme event

Themed Events

Specially curated menus and themed events are conducted at client locations to bring the spirit of the season alive.